Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

Language Arts [image]
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Collaboration Beyond the Classroom Walls: Deepening Learning for Students, Preservice Teachers, Teachers, and Professors
S. Nobles, K. Dredger, & M.D. Gerheart

Mathematics [image]
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The Challenge to Situate Digital Learning Technologies in Preservice Teacher Mathematics Education
S. McDonald

Science [image]
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Scaffolding With and Through Videos: An Example of ICT-TPACK
K. Otrel-Cass, E. Khoo., & B. Cowie

Social Studies [image]
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An Examination of Teachers’ Ratings of Lesson Plans Using Digital Primary Sources
N. B. Milman & R. Bondie

General [image]
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The Acceptability of Online Degrees: Principals and Hiring Practices in Secondary Schools
J. Adams, S. Lee, & J. Cortese

Current Practice [image]
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Shared Viewing as an Approach to Transforming Early Field Experiences
T. Heafner & M. Plaisance