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Preparing Tomorrow’s Science Teachers to Use Technology: An Example from the Field

by LAURA HENRIQUES, California State University Long Beach

OVERVIEW OF COURSE AND TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS The examples presented in this article are from an entry level science education class, Introduction to Teaching Science (EDSS300C), at a large state university. Students enrolled in this class will apply to the university’s credential program at the end of the semester. Most have bachelor’s degrees in science and […]

What Technology Do Tomorrow’s Science Teachers Need to Know? A Response to Henriques

by JULIE THOMAS, Texas Tech University

  …the few technologies that have had lasting impacts on the classroom include such high-tech wizardry as the printed textbook, the chalk-board, and the overhead projector. More complex technologies—film, radio, and television, never realized their imagined potential in education….On the whole, glittering technology has had little influence in the classroom (Kent & McNergney, 1999, p. […]

Are We Ready to Embrace the Power That Technology Has to Offer in Education? Response to Henriques

by JOSEPH F. ZISK, California University of Pennsylvania

  The article”Preparing Tomorrow’s Science Teachers to Use Technology: an Example from the Field” (Henriques, 2002) provided us with several good examples and strategies. Since I teach both secondary science methods and applied instructional technology, I found myself often saying while reading the paper, “I do that” or “Maybe I should do that.” Most of […]