Beth Bos

Dr. Beth Bos, an associate professor, has demonstrated sustained commitment to teaching within public schools. Dr. Bos teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in math education and has built a Master Math Teacher Master Math Program and a Math Specialist Program and  has taught and advised students in education. Dr. Bos developed and taught Statistics for Educators and Action Research courses at Texas State University. Her goal is to develop student researchers who will strengthen their profession through systematic research-based teaching practices. Technology has always been a strand that shapes her research in math education from apps, serious (educational) games, coding, and spatial relationships using 3-D applications. Though technology has made our lives easier, students need to talk math, apply math in personal situations, make connections, and develop their creative capacities. Her emphasis is on how to use technology effectively as another tool. As co-editor her focus will be on innovative and creative use of technology to support the learning process through teacher education.
Teach and Learning, Education
Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, AR