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Implications of I-TEST Projects for Teacher Education

The CITE Journal is an online, peer-reviewed journal, established and jointly sponsored by five professional associations (AMTE, ASTE, NCSS-CUFA, CEE, and SITE). This is the only joint venture of this kind in the field of teacher education. Each professional association has sole responsibility for editorial review of articles in its discipline:

  • Educational Technology: General (SITE)
  • Technology and Science Education (ASTE)
  • Technology and Mathematics Education (AMTE)
  • Technology and Social Studies Education (NCSS-CUFA)
  • Technology and English Education (CEE)

The CITE Journal has a unique Commentary feature, which permits readers to author short responses to articles published in a commentary strand linked to the article. This feature takes advantage of an interactive medium to develop an ongoing, peer-reviewed dialog.

In addition to its discipline-based journals, CITE Journal has three cross-disciplinary sections: Editorial, Current Practice, and Seminal Articles.

The journal's online medium also allows authors to demonstrate the technologies about which they are writing, including video and audio segments, animation, virtual reality, Web links, and simulations. The CITE Journal was established with support from a U.S. Department of Education Catalyst grant.

Sponsored by SITE, ASTE, AMTE, CUFA, CEE