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Using Technology to Spark Reform in Preservice Education

by Marcie J. Bober, San Diego State University

Preservice education is in the midst of a long-awaited and much-needed renewal, spurred by reform at the national, state, and local levels and the availability of funds to jump-start curricular restructuring. Since 1999, more than 400 demonstration projects have been awarded under the federal government’s Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology Initiative. San Diego State […]

Using Inquiry Empowering Technologies to Support Prospective Teachers’ Scientific Inquiry and Science Learning

by Patricia Friedrichsen, University of Missouri-Columbia; Danusa Munford, The Pennsylvania State University; & Carla Zembal-Saul, The Pennsylvania State University

The Inquiry Empowering Technologies for Supporting Scientific Inquiry course was designed to engage prospective teachers, as science learners, in developing their understandings about and abilities to do scientific inquiry. The design of the course was informed by three central goals: (a) engage prospective science teachers in authentic science experiences in a technology-rich environment designed to […]